As a Micro Retailer we give you the following opportunity to make extra money.
Register as a micro retailer and then you place an order to buy 75 bottles or more
but then you select the resell option. This means we will resell the bottles for you.
There is no stock that gets delivered to you we do all the selling.
Once you paid for the order we will then pay you 0.08c per day per bottle for 60 days.
You can then buy with your profits more bottles and grow your earnings.
You also get 5% commission if you refer someone and they place an order.
You also get your initial money back and there is no Registration fee.

purchased product per Bottle - Profit Purchasing Price Profit per day Profit in 60days
75 Bottles R0.08 R300.00 R6.00 R360.00
100 Bottles R0.08 R400.00 R8.00 R480.00
200 Bottles R0.08 R800.00 R16.00 R960.00
1000 Bottles R0.08 R4,000.00 R80.00 R4,800.00

Profit Calculator click here